ePO Dashboard-Hardware Information

Version 3

    This dashboard focuses on hardware information.  One of the queries requires the Deep Command Reporting plugin which you can download for free that reports on your hardware type.  The other queries are all native to ePO.  The focus of the dashboard is to highlight machines that may be underpowered in the environment that could use a hardware refresh.  Of particular note you should pay attention to the query in the bottom right which will show you any machines that have LESS than 300mb of space available on their drive.  These are very important because applying the daily dat requires some decent temp space available on the drive.  Usually around 200mb of free space.  If you dont have the free space the update will fail forcing the agent to pull the full dat file which is over 100mb ultimately impacting your bandwidth.  So make sure your machines have plenty of free space.  This dashboard can only be imported into ePO 4.6 or higher.  If you have ePO 4.5 you will have to build the queries yourself.

    hardware db.PNG