Reminder: SafeTech/EETech Code Mailing list will be discontinued

Version 1



    Some customers receive an automatically generated email twice weekly with the SafeTech/EETech code of the day for following 7 days. On 20 December 2011, McAfee updated the mailer with a message announcing the plan to discontinue the service, and provided alternative solutions for customers.


    This SafeTech/EETech Code mailer will be discontinued at the end of March 2012. Customers may now use the TechCode Generator.


    The Tech Code Generator for all versions of SafeBoot Device Encryption and McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC's can be found on the McAfee Download site under McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC's, then "EETech Code of the Day". These small applications will generate the same codes as this mailer. The version 2.2-4.2 Tech Code Generator is a command line utility that will generate the Tech Code for that day. The v4.2SP1, v5.x and v6.x Tech Code Generator is a Windows based application. This application is also included in the released software packages.


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    Endpoint Encryption for PC