Endpoint Encryption for Mac 1.1 - Hotfix 741645

Version 1



    Today we have released a hotfix for Endpoint Encryption for Mac (EEMac) version 1.1. This is a small hotfix which increases the whitelist to allow for seamless activation on additional Mac hardware. This includes both laptops and desktops!


    The following models have been added to the whitelist for EEMac 1.1 with this hotfix:

    • MacBook5,2
    • MacBookAir2,1
    • MacBookPro3,1
    • MacBookPro4,1
    • MacBookPro6,1
    • iMac7,1
    • iMac8,1
    • iMac9,1
    • iMac12,1
    • iMac12,2
    • Macmini3,1
    • Macmini4,1
    • Macmini5,1
    • Macmini5,2
    • Macmini5,3
    • MacPro3,1
    • MacPro4,1
    • MacPro5,1


    This hotfix is currently available on the McAfee Download site with a valid grant number.


    Best regards


    Anthony Merry

    Senior Product Manager

    Endpoint Encryption for Mac