ePO Endpoint Deployment Kit 9.6.0 - Enterprise Edition

Version 14


    Version 9.6.0.

    Updated to .NET 4.5.

    Removed third-party DotNetZip Library, replaced with native .NET 4.5 functions.

    Removed third-party HTTPUploadHelper for MultipartFormData processing, replaced with native .NET 4.5 functions.

    Changed background color of dialogs.




    Version 9.2.5.  Updated error handling for product detecion key parsing.




    Version 9.2.4.  This version set default values for the product detection key and product detection value.


    I am very pleased to post the Community Edition of the ePO Endpoint Deployment Kit (EEDK).  This tool is designed to allow ePO  users to build and deploy their own custom software packages using ePO. This can included other software, hotfixes, scripts etc.  Inside the attached .zip files we have included a Product Guide along with  examples of building your own software packages.  If you have any question please use this community site for support.




    Version 9.4.  This version adds Windows 8 and Windows 2012 platform support.



    Version 9.5.2  This version adds Windows 10 platform support.




    Providing Enterprise Edition to the community. This will be the only version maintained going forward.



    Torry Campbell

    Technical Director EndpointSecurity