Help - I have a problem with Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools

Version 3


    On some HP laptops, there's a package called "Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools". Much like McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PCs, it encrypts your entire hard disk and makes it impossible for someone who steals your computer to see your data.


    In fact, HP's product is a derivative of McAfee's - it's not the same product though and McAfee don't sell it. In fact, McAfee really has no knowledge of it and no ability to support it.


    How close are the two products?

    HP Drive Encryption for ProtectTools, and McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PCs, are brothers so to speak - they are built from the same core, but whereas the McAfee version is only sold to enterprise customers, has full central management support, disaster recovery toolkits etc, HP's version is given to consumers with HP laptops and is designed to be managed by the owner of the device itself.


    The core, underlying technology is much the same, but the way the product is installed, the authentication, and the recovery options are completely different.


    HP Keep telling me to call McAfee when I call for support!

    In our experience, this is just confusion by the HP support desk - most likely your computer is displaying a "McAfee Endpoint Encryption" error message, and you called HP support and asked them for help? Instead, you need to tell them that you are using "Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools" - the name of the HP product you are using, then HP should find the right product and be able to assist you.


    But, the error message on my machine specifically mentions McAfee!

    Yes, quite true, because to take advantage of all the work we do for our corporate customers, and to make sure the HP product is as bug free as possible, we use code from the McAfee version of the software where we can. It would probably be better to change these messages to mention HP though, I agree.


    Is there any information in the McAfee Knowledge Base which can help me?

    Sorry, I'm afraid there's not - McAfee don't support the HP product, and we also don't sell it ourselves, so though there are similar entries in the Knowledge Base for the McAfee Endpoint Encryption products, you can't rely on them, or the tools included, working with the HP version.


    Will McAfee WinTech/EETech/DiskTech/DiskTech2011 help me fix a problem with HP's product?

    EETech is the diagnostic toolkit for McAfee EEPC6 - it can't understand the recovery data from HP's v6 derived product.


    WinTech is the diagnostic toolkit for McAfee EEPC5 - it can load up the keys for the HP product, and can fix many problems (and decrypt the data) - you may be able to obtain this tool from HP. You can't obtain it from McAfee though, as we only offer it to customers of our product.


    DiskTech is HP's version of WinTech, and is available as an ISO image from HP support - our best knowledge is that the HP SoftPaq number is SP41354 - McAfee does not have a copy of this though. Our experience is that it can only be obtained through HP 3rd line support. As DiskTech is a derivative of WinTech, it will only work on v5 versions of the HP product.


    DiskTech2011 is HP's version of EETech and is available as an ISO image from HP support - McAfee does not have a copy of this though. Our experience is that it can only be obtained through HP 3rd line support. As DiskTech2011 is a derivative of EETech, it will only work on v6 versions of the HP product.


    My data is really important, and your product is stopping me getting access to it!

    McAfee is really sorry you're having problems with HP's software - there's very little we can do for you though, as our relationship with HP does not extend as far as being allowed to support you, a HP customer. You're not using McAfee software unfortunately.


    HP has a great support system though and as long as you explain you're using Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools you should get the help you need.


    You seem to know what you're doing - can you help me?

    Ah, though I'm an expert in full disk encryption, I don't have any experience of the HP product. Saying that though, there's lots of people who use this community, and the chances are someone may have seen your problem before.


    I forgot my password, and lost my recovery information - can anything be done?

    Sorry - if you don't know your password, and you lost your recovery information, it's impossible to recover your data. HPs product is designed to stop unauthorized people accessing your information - and the definition of unauthorized, is someone who does not know the password and does not have the recovery key.


    There's no way to get your data back, the key is nigh impossible to guess, and there are no back doors.