McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC's version 6.2 Beta

Version 1

    Valued Customers,



    McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC's (EEPC) version 6.2 will shortly start a Beta Program and we will be calling for interested Customers to join the Beta Program. The EEPC 6.2 Beta is a closed Beta, and all participants must register in order to join.



    This exciting new version of EEPC includes many new features including the support for Opal Drives. The EEPC 6.2 Beta is targeting the Opal Drive support. Customers who already have Opal Drives, or who will have Opal Drives during the course of the Beta are eligible to join.



    For information about the Beta, how to join, and the expectations of Beta participants, please refer to the Beta FAQ link below.



    More information can be found here:

    Beta FAQ: McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC version 6.2 - Beta FAQ

    Opal FAQ: Opal Support FAQ



    As always, your valuable feedback is important to improve the experience and quality of EEPC.



    Best regards



    Anthony Merry

    Senior Product Manager

    Endpoint Encryption for PC