ePO App: Shutdown or Reboot System from ePO

Version 2

    Attached are ePO deployable packages that allows you to shutdown or reboot systems using the McAfee Agent. These packages basically call the local shutdown command on the target system and execute it along with the arguments put in the command line options section of the deployment task.   If no options are specified then the script exits without running the command.  I have attached 3 packages, SDREBOOT1000 whichs runs on all platforms, SDREBOOT1001 runs on workstations only and SDREBOOT1002 will only run on server platforms only.


    To Use:


    1. Check the package into your Master Repository and replicate as required:


    10-25-2011 11-00-06 PM.png

    2, Create McAfee Agent product deployment task using the SDREBOOT package and specify the arguments that will be passed to the local shutdwon command.


    10-25-2011 11-08-19 PM.png

    3. Assing client  task for deployment and trigger or wait for ASCI.


    Enjoy, Feedback welcome.