ePO Web API Explorer

Version 6

    We have been getting many questions about the ePO 4.6 Web API and its capabilities.  To provide an easy way to explore the ePO 4.6 Web API, one of our industrious engineers created a GUI application (written in C#) that allows you to explore the capabilities of the ePO Web API quickly and easily with no programming or scripting experience.


    To use the program, download the attached .zip file and extract the files to a folder.


    Launch ePOAPIExplorer.exe


    API Exp1.png



    Configure the options for your ePO server which allows the tool to know which ePO server to connect.  I would recommend this be a test server until you become familiar with the web API as any command you run here will execute on the server.



    API Exp 2.png

    API Exp 3.png



    Here we are doing a quick test  using the "core.help" command which returns all the API commands currently available on the server.



    API Exp4.png



    After selecting the command and entering any required parameters (core.help does not require any additional parameters), Click the "execute command" button.



    API Exp5.png



    The results are returned in the "Output" window.



    API Exp6.png



    Now that we've executed a basic command and have validated that we are communicating to our ePO server, let's create a "test user".


    Here is the server prior to running the web API command.



    API Exp7.png



    In the web API Explorer select the "core.addUser" command and enter the required parameters. Note the URL that is created. This is the command that is passed to the ePO server.



    API Exp8.png



    Here is the result returned from ePO about the command that was executed.



    API Exp9.png



    Now on the ePO server we see the new user.



    API Exp10.png




    I hope this becomes a valuable tool in helping you learn the ePO Web API.  Attached is the ePO Web API scripting guide for additional reference.  This document can also be found on the McAfee Knowledge Center http://kc.mcafee.com and/or downloaded through the ePO 4.6 Software Manager.


    Revision History: Added support for multiple <ePOCommands/> instead of just a single <command/> on the import function. Added eeadmin commands for EEPC 6.1.2 Initial release







    Torry Campbell

    Technical Director Endpoint Security

    McAfee, Inc.


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