ePO Tool Exchange FAQ

Version 13

    Is this really user-generated content?

    Yes. This is an area for customers, by customers. These are not official McAfee tools and we do not provide official support for tools posted here. You may see some tools posted by McAfee employees. You should test these first, and discuss potential issues with the author before installing.


    Help! Someone's files broke my install!

    Sorry. Please see above.


    How do I find the tools that are relevant to me?

    You can click a category on the right to see all content for that category. You can also use the Popular Tags widget to discover relevant content.


    I really like what someone posted. How do I let them know?

    Just click the My Rating field at the bottom of their document. You can also post a comment at the bottom.

    How do I get permission to post content here?

    Just fill out the short form at the bottom of the main page here: ePO Tool Exchange. (Javascript must be enabled!). We'll make sure you're legit and get in touch with you soon.

    How do I upload my my files?

    1. Click Create a document.
    2. Click Upload a file, then Continue.
    3. Browse to select your files (ZIP preferred).
    4. Type a brief description of your contribution. Very important!
    5. Add tags to your document. This is also important to help others discover your content!
    6. Click Publish.


    How do I learn more about all this?

    Just post your question below and we'll respond soon.