Detailed Uninstall Instructions

Version 1

    Thanks for trying out SiteAdvisor Social - we welcome your feedback.


    If you would like to uninstall the preview product, please follow these instructions.  Note: the uninstall process in effect removes this preview version of SiteAdvisor from your PC, and then walks you through downloading and reinstalling the latest supported version of SiteAdvisor.


    1. Open your Control Panel.
    2. Go to Add/Remove Programs (or Uninstall a Program on Windows 7)
      1. If you are running SiteAdvisor as part of a McAfee suite (McAfee AntiVirus Plus, McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Total Protection):
        1. Locate the suite product in your list and double-click
          1. Locate SiteAdvisor in the pop-up window, check it, and click Remove.
          2. Follow the prompts.
      2. If you are running SiteAdvisor separately (without any of the McAfee suite products):
        1. Locate SiteAdvisor in the product list and double-click.
        2. Follow the prompts to uninstall the product.
    3. SiteAdvisor Social is now UNINSTALLED.

    To install the latest supported version of SiteAdvisor, continue with these steps.

    1. Go to
    2. Click the Free Download button on the home page.
    3. Follow the prompts to install SiteAdvisor.


    Once again, we thank you tremendously for taking part in our beta program - and thanks for any feedback or ideas you have provided!