Ideas FAQ

Version 16

    Ideas? What is this?

    Ideas is a place where you can see ideas and suggestions from other community members about McAfee products and services.  You can vote on whether you agree or disagree with a given idea, and you can submit your own ideas for consideration.


    How do I create a new idea?

    Visit the Ideas space (this one), and click Create an Idea. Or, no matter where you are, click New, Idea, then select Product Ideas (Consumer) and submit away.



    Remember: After you create an idea, don't forget to vote on it!

    I'm creating my idea. What do the different buttons do?

    • Create Idea - This actually publishes your idea. You'll be able to edit it later if you want.
    • Save and Continue - This lets you save your idea and continue editing. This is recommended if you put a lot of time and research into your idea. If your browser crashes or your network goes down, you can find it in Your Stuff, Ideas at the top.
    • Save as Draft - This saves your idea and closes it safely so you can come back to it later under Your Stuff, Ideas.



    Where can I see a list of submitted ideas?

    Just click the Ideas tab. Comment and vote away!



    What do the numbers next to an idea's title mean?

    That is the idea's overall score. 5 points are added for each UP vote, and 5 points are subtracted for each DOWN vote.


    What do all the idea stages mean?

    Stages are managed by the Product team to show how an idea is progressing. The stages are:

    • Open for Voting - The first stage of all open ideas - please VOTE on these!
    • Needs Community Input - We need more clarification or feedback via comments to understand how best to proceed with these ideas.
    • Under Review - We're actively discussing these ideas internally to gauge feasibility and implementation plans.
    • Planned - We're working on building these ideas into future product releases.
    • Future Consideration - These ideas won't make it into an upcoming release, but we'll keep them in mind for future planning.
    • Delivered - These ideas have officially been built into a product release.
    • Not Planned - Not all ideas fit within our product or strategy, and we'll do our best to let you know if an idea isn't likely to be in a future release.
    • Duplicate Idea - These ideas were already created, perhaps under a different name.



    When will I hear about the status of the ideas?

    The McAfee Product team reviews ideas on an on-going basis and more formally as part of our normal release planning process. We will let you know how things are going from time to time, but you can check the stage of a specific idea any time you want.



    Why didn't my idea make it into my McAfee product?

    You have awesome ideas. But, we can't guarantee they will be added to our product roadmap, as we must balance community input with our strategic direction. We greatly value your collective brain power, and will continue to work with you to innovate at McAfee.



    Will I be compensated if my idea is actually delivered?

    Sorry, but if we use your idea, we own it. You’ll be compensated with knowing that your awesome idea is in our awesome product.



    Where can I ask more questions?

    Please post a comment to this document and we'll get you an answer soon!