Support Doc: Uploading files to Support

Version 9


    Before you upload


    Rename the file

    Be sure to rename the file to something unique. For example, preface the filename with the SR #.


    To rename from the command line on Windows/Linux:

    mv [original-filename] [desired-filename]

    mv support_file.txt 4-1234567890_support_file.txt



    Compress the file

    It helps to compress the file into an archive prior to upload, this will preserve bandwidth, and the upload will take less time.

    On Windows

    Use a utility such as WinZip, WinRar, or the built in Windows utility to compress the file:




    On Linux (Web Gateway)

    zip [compressed-filename].zip [files-to-compress]

    zip 4-1234567890_support_file.txt

    zip *.txt





    HTTPS from Browser


    McAfee Support Portal, once there login, navigate to "Service Requests", search for the Service Request #.





    FTP from Windows



    <username is anonymous>

    <password is anonymous>

    cd incoming


    put <path\filename>


  (USA - Requires folder to be created by Support):


    <username is ftp>

    <password is ftp>

    cd incoming/<CASE-NUMBER>


    put <path\filename>




    FTP from Linux (Web Gateway)



    lftp -u anonymous:anonymous

    put <path/filename>



  (USA - Requires folder to be created by Support):

    lftp -u ftp:ftp<CASE-NUMBER>

    put <path/filename>





    Common problems


    File already exists

    "553 support_file.txt: Permission denied." - File already exists on file server. This may happen because you have attempted to upload the file once, but the first attempt failed. Attempt to re-upload the file with another name.



    After you upload

    Update the case for which you have uploaded the file. Indicate the name of the file you have uploaded as well.