How To: Creating a "Web Mapping" ruleset


    Often administrators of the Web Gateway will want to assign URL filtering policies based on group membership. This document outlines how to achieve this using Web Gateway 7, some of the terms used may refer to Web Gateway 6 (Webwasher) features for familiarity. Previously this would be done using the Web mapping feature in Web Gateway 6 (Webwasher).



    Alice is in group "Internet_Relaxed", Bob is in group "Internet_Strict", Carl is in neither group, and Doug is in both "Internet_Relaxed" and "Internet_Strict" (by mistake).


    Web Mapping

    Below is the end result of what the "Web Mapping" ruleset would look like. Prerequisite to using this ruleset, would be, you MUST be performing authentication.



    The users mentioned above would get the following "User-Defined.Policy" assigned:

    Alice - Internet_Relaxed

    Bob - Internet_Strict

    Carl - none

    Doug - Internet_Relaxed (because the relaxed rule is on top and action is "Stop Rule Set")


    URL Filter policy containers

    Below shows how to reference the "User-Defined.Policy" property.

    2-policy-relaxed.png 3-policy-strict.png

    Default container (catch all)

    So what happens to Carl you might be asking...


    When the "User-Defined.Policy" property is created, you can set a default value, so if a user does not perform authentication, or any other reason, they would fall to the "default" URL filtering ruleset.




    I hope this helps in recreating what you were already doing in Web Gateway 6 (Webwasher), or if you are just starting out get different policies for different users.


    The examples used above, are attached for your use. The "URL Filtering" containers should be configured to your needs (because the categories I have blocked/allowed might not match your needs). Also keep in mind, this is only one way to do this, there could be multiple ways, this is the most common, seen in support. Leave comments below if you see any room for improvement.