MWG7 policyViewer Tool (1.5.2)

    Introducing the McAfee Web Gateway 7 policyViewer Tool


    The MWG7 policyViewer Tool allows you to read configuration information from the gateway and display it for review.


    The main goal of this tool is to communicate the representation of Rules Sets more effectively. One thing I've noticed, both amongst the user community and internally, is the propensity of taking screen shots of the UI to display rules and settings. To me, this method is cumbersome and can't represent the entire scope of the configuration. I designed this specifically to be able to render fragments of the configuration and allow me to copy/paste them into (HTML) email without having to attach bulky bitmap images.


    As an added benefit, this also allows you to save the HTML output of the configuration and use it as a reference for configuration auditing by a 3rd party without granting them access to the appliance itself.


    Internally, MWG7 is comprised of multiple XML files used to define its policy, settings and configuration. The structure of the XML is quite complex and not designed for human readability. The policyViewer tool imports a variety of formats and displays them in a navigation structure similar to the MWG7 UI for easier readability. Once the configuration is loaded, you can navigate through the configuration to display the selected elements on the HTML pane. Once displayed, content can be selected, copied, searched and saved.


    Input file types:
    -MWG7 .backup Files
    -MWG7 Exported Rule Sets
    -MWG7 Feedback Files


    Displayed Items:
    -Rules Sets
    -Log Handlers
    -Error Handlers
    -User Defined Properties


    Output files:
    -Save output of displayed HTML pane
    -Extract the original files from a .backup


    -Policy Report displays the entire configuration in one pane for saving
    -Save Policy reports will navigate on links to lists and settings
    -Export a of an appliance's IP address settings for use with initial installation of a new appliance
    -Output style can be changed by editing <executable-directory>\policyViewer.xslt


    New Rule Usage feature in 1.4.0:



    Version History:


    Version 1.5.2: 05/28/2015

    -Added support for MWG 7.5.2


    Version 1.5.1: 02/02/2015

    -Added support for MWG 7.5.1

    -Fixed issue with displaying UTF-8 encoded characters


    Version 1.5.0: 09/23/2014

    -Added support for MWG 7.5.0


    Version 06/04/2014

    -Fixed issue with treeViewConfiguration for older configurations that do not contain <cm_cluster_global/>


    Version 1.4.2: 05/27/2014

    -Added support for MWG 7.4.2.

    -Displays cluster configuration for 7.4.0+.

    -Added Cloud Enabled indicators.

    -Added Administrator Accounts tab.

    -Changed layout of authentication engine settings.

    -Added Export Rule Sets on context menu in rule tree.



    Version 1.4.1: 01/28/2014

    -Added support for MWG 7.4.1

    -Minor cosmetic changes to XSLT output


    Version 1.4.0: 09/10/2013

    -Added support for MWG 7.4.0

    -Added Rule Usage feature to count hits in policy.

    -Added option to suppress disabled rule sets and rules from displaying.

    -Added option to supress details.

    -Fixed performance issue with XSLT.


    Version 1.3.2: 05/14/2013

    -Added support for MWG 7.3.2

    -Added support for decrypting backups with a password.

    -Minor bug fixes.


    Version 1.3.0: 02/12/2013

    -Added support for MWG 7.3.1, including Dynamic Content Classifier and Map Type lists


    Version 1.2.1: 11/15/2012

    -Added skipping file on import error.

    -Added stripping out errant null bytes from imported 7.3 configs...don't ask.


    Version 1.2.0: 10/03/2012
    -Added support for 7.3.0
    -Added the display of new values to the Proxy template
    -Removed the Text tab. It had little value.


    Version 1.1.2: 07/03/2012
    -Added support for importing .lists


    Version 1.1.1: 04/21/2012

    -Compiled for AnyCPU instead x86 to accomodate memory for huge lists.


    Version 1.1.0: 04/20/2012

    -Added support for 7.2.0, including:

    -DLP Categories

    -Subscribed Lists

    -Hybrid Lists

    Note: Only feedback files contain content for subscribed lists.


    Version 1.0.5: 12/13/2011

    -Added support for 7.1.6


    Version 1.0.3: 07/19/2011
    -Updated handshake to 7.1.5-11113


    Version 1.0.2: 03/31/2011
    -Updated handshake to 7.1.0


    Version 1.0.1: 01/22/2011
    -Added Rules in TreeView option


    Version 1.0.0: 01/11/2011
    -First public release
    -Updated handshake to


    Version 0.9.4: 12/16/2010
    -Added line numbers to lists


    Version 0.9.3: 12/13/2010
    -Added ° for empty lists
    -Added List hover over


    Version 0.9.2: 12/12/2010
    -Added support for Feedback Files


    Version 0.9.1: 12/10/2010
    -Better formatting of inlineLists
    -Added Save Displayed HTML
    -Added Complete Policy Report
    -Updated handshake to 7.0.2


    Version 0.9: 12/06/2010
    -First Beta release.



    Requires .NET Framework 2.0 (might work in Mono for *nix, but have never tested)


    This tool is not supported by McAfee Technical Support in any way.
    Do not contact them for help with problems.


    For assistance, questions, comments, improvements and problems with this program, please contact: