Malicious Links Spreading on Twitter [WARNING]

Version 1

    A large number of messages containing only the link “″  have appeared on Twitter today, redirecting the users to various  malware-laden sites.

    The messages are mostly coming from disposable accounts, but they also show up on some accounts  that appear to be genuine, which indicates that there’s a worm  spreading and sending the messages from infected accounts. Furthermore,  all of the messages containing the link are sent from the mobile version  of Twitter

    The Next Web has traced the origins of the link in the messages, which sends users  to a French site ( that has apparently  been hacked to forward users to sites containing various malware  scripts.

    While the majority of the messages currently contain an  identical shortened link, keep in mind that the link is very likely to  change in the future. As always, do not click on any suspicious links,  and always keep your computer protected with antivirus and anti-malware  software.



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