New Facebook Spam - Spreading-     by Rajesh Nataraj KP

Version 2

    A couple of hours ago a new java script spam start's to spread in  facebook, If the user run that java script then it start posting the  website link automatically to all your friends Wall in facebook.

    Below you can find the screenshot of the spreading spam.


    by                                 Rajesh Nataraj KP


    spam page.JPG

    When you go to this link hxxp://,  it will display a javascript code which can be pasted to the browser to  get revolving images,If the user pasted that code in the browser and  press enter then,It will pop's out an alert box saying "Please wait 2-3 mins while we setup! Do not refresh this window or click any link."




    The  java script in the browser basically attaches the external script to  your current page which eventually makes the browser to run that  script.Then it will start to show the user with the revolving images,  But meanwhile without the knowledge of the user it will start to post on  to your friends wall in the facebook automatically.

    The code has an automated vector used in the java script to spread the link in the facebook wall of your friend list.So kindly delete these kind of messages from your wall,This spam is spreading very fastly like a fire so beware of it and you may come across this spam anytime.


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