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Version 11

    Below you'll find details of the team behind


    Ryan Bailey -

    Responsible for the main site UI

    Ryan Bailey currently works as a user interface architect as a part of the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence team designing and programming interfaces for cutting edge projects. With more than 10 years of web programming experience, Bailey brings a fresh perspective to the world of corporate design. By combining a love of learning and problem solving abilities, Ryan provides creative and innovative solutions at every opportunity.


    Ryan spends his free time enjoying sports, photography, and movies. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Georgia and currently lives in Marietta, Georgia with his dog, Spartacus.

    Simon Hunt -

    Responsible for getting realized, pulling together the UI and web-pages, and generally promoting viral use of the service
    SimonHunt Big Picture.jpg

    Simon Hunt has more than 20 years experience in software development, design and consultancy with fortune 500 companies. An accomplished consultant, software architect and designer, his vision and foresight have been the driving forces behind the technical success of the McAfee Data Protection product range.


    Mr. Hunt took the reins for McAfee’s data protection product range when it was a single user product in its infancy. Through continued feature development, and by working with customers to realize their enterprise requirements, Mr. Hunt took the data protection product range from one of many niche players to the acknowledged leader in its market. Working as Chief Technology Officer in the SafeBoot group since 1997, and now acting as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Data Protection, McAfee, Inc., Mr. Hunt works to steer both the product suite and global consultancy teams.

    Before working with SafeBoot, Mr. Hunt worked with other security product vendors such as Mergent International and Utimaco, and also had a significant impact on quality and engineer training at ICL Fujitsu where he was responsible for engineer training and consumer product support.


    Mr. Hunt’s exceptional track record of technical improvement is based on his belief in quality and expandability. He is known for his ability to quickly identify customer requirements and translate them into realizable product features which go far beyond “quick fixes.” Mr. Hunt is known for his ability to pre-empt future changes by building in enhancement capability from the beginning.


    Mr. Hunt received his B.S. degree from the University of North Wales, Bangor where he studied Marine Biology and Oceanography. He is a qualified BSAC scuba-diving instructor, and a Trustee of his local diving club. Mr. Hunt currently lives in Naples, Florida


    Ryan Permeh

    Responsible for the shortening algorithm, back end database, and front end behaviour

    Coming Soon!


    Shashi Kant Sharma -

    Responsible for the ultra-cool "Geek Mode". Don't know what this is? Try entering the Konami Code and pressing "enter"...

    Shashi is part of the Solidcore team based in Gurgaon, India. He works on various technologies based around ePO and Virtualization. A hardcore developer with experience/interests around usability, web speed, J2EE and other web technologies. He is also an avid photographer and likes to shoot landscapes, people and architectures.



    Shashi has developed the Geek-Mode/Command-Line version of the site. Why? Just loves doing what he does best!


    Wes Widner -

    Responsible for the cool Chrome and Firefox extensions to

    Wes Widner is a member of the Global Threat Intelligence research team in Alpharetta, GA where he works on a variety of rich internet applications for McAfee's next generation cloud security services. Wes loves new technologies and challenges and jumped at the opportunity to assist McAfee's secure URL shortening effort to make the web a safer place. Wes has contributed two browser add-ons to make creating a short link with a breeze.