Version 6

    The Language Pack Designer is used to easily customize block pages for the McAfee Web Gateway. It leverages the Language Pack feature built-in to the MWG 6.x to create 'sets' of pages with the desired look and feel to suite the user's tastes. (Note that it is not compatible with MWG7)


    The Designer creates a series of flat, static HTML pages that are edited en-masse to apply the same styles to each page, yet retain their individual characteristics. There are 85 HTML pages by default (and another 50 .txt files) that you would have to edit manually if you did this by hand.


    Of course, since it is called 'Language' Pack Designer, you should be able to use it to change the messages to a different language as well. Unfortunately, my linguistic skills are not sufficient to translate messages to another toungue.


    Features of Language Pack Designer:

    • Create/Edit/Save your own Language Pack
    • Generate LanguagePack files to be uploaded to MWG
    • Import your own images
    • Apply design to all pages at once
    • Preview changes immediately
    • Edit individual titles, messages and actions per page
    • Simultaneously edit HTML and Text templates
    • Re-arrange $Section$ per page or all at once
    • <if (condition)>Conditionally display Information</if>
    • Edit Download Progress Pages
    • Edit Welcome Pages
    • Add user-defined $Section$
    • Add user-defined Template
    • Colored syntax highlighting for source editing


    • .NET Framework 2.0


    A brief introduction on how to use the designer is located here:


    Please note that this application is not officially supported by McAfee support or engineering. Do not call McAfee Support for help.

    This application is strictly a personal project I've been thinking about for quite some time to fill a need in supporting my McAfee Web Gateway customers.

    For Assistance with the program, please contact me at:



    It has come to my attention that the latest MS patch, KB2360131, has broken the formatting of block pages for IE on Webwasher/MWG 6.x in order to patch a vulnerability (MS10-071). This prevents externally loaded stylesheets from importing and ruins the formatting of the block pages.


    As a workaround, you can embed in-line stylesheets on the page instead of importing them as links.

    Luckily, if you are using the Language Pack Designer, the fix is pretty easy. Instead of linking the style sheet externally, you can embed it inline on all the pages in the $Head$ section. That way it just uses the style defined on the page itself.



    If you have the original files/folders used to create the block pages originally, follow these steps:

    * Open the .LPX file in the Language Pack Designer for editing.

    * Expand and go to the "scripts/$landAbbr$stylesheet.css" file.

    * Select All and Copy the entire stylesheet (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C).

    * Select the "Sections/$Head$" tree node in the designer, display the Source tab.


    You will see a line like this:

      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="%#h/wwfile?name=scripts/$langAbbr$stylesheet.css" />


    You want to replace that one line with the following:

    <style type="text/css">

      (Paste in the entire stylesheet in the copy buffer)



    * Save and generate the new language pack.

    * Import the "*LanguagePack.tar.gz" into the User Management > Languages > Import menu.


    The pages should render as expected afterwards.



    Note: The latest update to MWG 6.8.7 build 8846 fixes the problem introduced by MS patch KB2360131.