Version 16

    listConverter is a very simple utility that takes .backup files from Webwasher 6.8 and extracts various portions for use in MWG 7.


    This is not a full conversion utility. There will never be a way to take 6.8 and do a complete conversion to 7.

    This is a way to extract Categories, Whitelists, Bypasses and other elements to import into MWG 7.

    It creates a *.ImportedLists.xml file that you import as a Rule Set Library to get the data into 7.

    You must create your own rules and incorporate these Imported Lists into your MG 7 policy.


    You may print a Policy Report that displays the current Web Mappings, Category Actions, and White List entries of the 6.8 version as a reference of how it's currently configured. This will aid in deciding what needs to be extracted and imported into 7.


    You must have .NET Framework 2.0 installed in Windows in order for this to work. (Which almost all windows computers should have this)


    This is not a public tool yet. This is initially for use by Professional Services, Support, and SEs to aid in the migration process.


    This is not a supported tool. Engineering and Support make no claim to help you with this. If it doesn't work, you must contact me.


    The user guide is here:


    Another migration guide supplement is here:



    Note: It has been brought to my attention that importing the generated XML file into the policy no longer works with newer versions of MWG. As a work-around, use the List Import button (located immediately below the List Tab of the Policy) instead of the rule Rule Library > Import from File feature.

    This will read and import the lists in a similar manner.



    Revision History



      -Fixed problem with '&' in Custom Action Names

      -Changed the way Policy Report displays


      -Convert binary .der formatted certificates in RootCAs.


      -Invalid RootCAs are skipped when converting instead of error.


      -Fixed problem with &Ampersands in User-defined category names.
      -Fixed problem when leading/trailing spaces were entered with the URL in extended list.


    Version 0.6.9:
      -Caught exceptions where ICAPBypass fields were empty or corrupted.


    Version 0.6.8:
      -Compensated for corrupted User-Defined category name list.


    Version 0.6.7:
      -Caught exceptions with invalid commas in the whitelist entry.
      -Skip processing invalid extended list entries.
      -Sorted lists for easier reading.


    Version 0.6.6:
      -Fixed problem when loading .backup when whitelist for a policy was empty.
      -Sorted the extended list entries by Url.


    Version 0.6.5:
      -Added support to import the Trusted Root CA list from Webwasher 6.8.x.
      -Trimmed off trailing '%20' from Whitelist entries before converting.


    Version 0.6.4:
      -Initial public release.