Best Practices - Online Gaming Security

Version 2

    Many online games require a user account to play.  These gaming accounts are often targeted by password stealers or keyloggers (see PWS-WoW) in order to strip in-game (virtual) items/currency from your game characters to sell online for real money. 


    Here are some tips to make your online gaming accounts more secure:



    1. Use a secure password (see for tips). You should not use your games’ username and password combination for any other websites.
    2. Change your password often.  Changing your password once a month, or so, helps ensure your old account information is not able to be used to hijack your account. 
    3. Never give out your password to anyone, including the games’ support representatives.  A lot of game account hijacks are actually perpetrated by a “trusted” friend, family member, or “guildy”, that users have given their account details to.  Most support representatives of online games will NEVER ask you for your password or other secret account information (i.e. your secret question) – if they do, it’s likely not a request from a legitimate support representative. 
    4. Don’t play/login from any computer but your own.  You don’t know what may be on the system monitoring your activities/keystrokes.
    5. Keep your software and AV programs up to date (see for more information)
    6. If you have the means, install and play your online games on a computer dedicated for ONLY that purpose. Doing your web surfing and email activities on a separate (not networked) computer significantly increases the chance your game accounts are secure.