Best Practices - Ensure all software updates and patches are installed immediately when first available

Version 2

    It should go without saying that keeping your McAfee DAT files updated significantly reduces your chances of becoming infected.



    But, this philosophy not only includes McAfee DAT/Engine files, but also Microsoft, and other vendor/application patches.



    McAfee releases DAT updates daily, 7 days a week.  Our Beta DAT files are updated hourly.   Most McAfee products can be scheduled to update the daily DAT automatically (refer to your McAfee product documentation for instructions/availability).



    For Windows, you can schedule Automatic Updates to automatically download and install available updates or you can download current Windows operating system updates using the Windows Update web site.



    Some software patches address vulnerability issues that could leave a user susceptible to attack by malware.  Common updates are not just for Windows, but also for Adobe, Java, and other software products.  Most updates for these vulnerabilities are communicated via McAfee’s Security Advisories.



    McAfee Avert Labs Security Advisories are a free notification service backed by our global research team. McAfee Avert Labs Security Advisories map high profile threats to the McAfee technologies that protect your environment.



    To better protect yourself against emerging threats, you can also subscribe to McAfee Avert Labs Threat News.  The purpose of McAfee Avert Labs Threat News is to inform subscribers of the latest information regarding threats that reach Low-Profiled, Medium, Medium-On-Watch, High, or High-Outbreak assessment levels.