Got an autorun.inf on the root of your drive?

Version 1

    We know that the Autorun worms are quite a menace when it comes to infecting your computer and any removable drive that you plugged in.  With that said, one of easiest ways to see what the autorun.inf file is doing is to open it in notepad.exe and see for yourself.


    Steps involved:

    1)  Open the notepad.exe

    2)  Navigate to the autorun.inf file

    3) View the contents:



    4) If it is pointing to an executable like below, please get that sample submitted to McAfee Labs research team for anlaysis.


    If the name does not look familiar or if the autorun.inf is in the root of your "C" drive, then it would be something that is suspicious.


    As previously recommended, please see the previous post for disabling autorun.



    Hope this helps.