New Corporate Submission Tool for Suspicious Files

Version 1

    The new McAfee Labs Submission Tool allows customers to safely submit suspicious files for investigation by McAfee Labs and receive a Service Request (SR) number and regular updates.


    Reasons to submit sample files for review:


    • Suspected malware detection failure (virus not found)
    • Clean failure for detected malware
    • Suspected false-positive detection
    • Suspected false-positive detections from Artemis
    • Request for a Threats Library (formerly Virus Information Library) entry to be created for detected malware


    McAfee KnowledgeBase article KB68030 at: explains how to prepare files for submission.


    With the file and other information ready, log in to the ServicePortal (, or the Platinum Portal (, click on “Submit a Sample” under Interactive Support, and follow the instructions.


    For information about how to combine multiple Extra.DAT files through the new Combine Tool, refer to KnowledgeBase article KB68061 at: