How to add exclusions for McAfee Security for Mac 1.0

Version 1

    Taken from the post here:


    (thanks Sudeep)


    To Exclude specific folders under Users profile using RegEx in McAfee Security 1.0 from ePO:


    /Users/.*/<your folder path>/.*




    To exclude the VMDK files residing anywhere in the machine:


    .*\.vmdk - locally


    /.*\.vmdk - from ePO




    Some more examples for exclusions in MSM1.0/VSMAC 9.0 which utilizes RegEx


    Exclude any file based on extension


    .*\.ext - locally


    /.*\.ext - from ePO




    Eg: To exclude .log files from scannning


    .*\.log - locally


    /.*\.log - from ePO




    Excluding Multiple files based on Extensions


    .*\.(EXT)(EXT) - Locally


    /.*\.(EXT)(EXT) - From ePO






    Note: "/" in front is required when pusing down policy from ePO because of a sanity check that happens at ePO level.