Protect Your Inbox from Spam, Phishing & Fraud

    The TrustedSource™ Toolbar™ is the industry's first e-mail reputation toolbar.

    It's a FREE software plug-in for e-mail clients that empowers end users to thwart spam, phishing and fraud and safeguard legitimate mail.


    TrustedSource Toolbar
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    Powered by McAfee's award-winning TrustedSource™ reputation system, the toolbar brings unique monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities right to your desktop. Using this information will help ensure that the mail you open is from a trusted, legitimate source, protecting your personal information and keeping your desktop safe from being compromised due to a malicious e-mail attack.


    For instant protection against spam, phishing or other malicious attacks.

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    Key Highlights

    The TrustedSource™ Toolbar is easy to install and gives end users point-and-click usability and the power to influence sender reputations using innovative features:

    • Graphical Reputation Indicator - leverages proprietary technology to classify the reputation of an incoming message in order to immediately identify any potential threats
    • Spam and Phishing Reporting - offers an easy way for end users to flag and report spam and phishing attacks, influencing global sender reputations
    • Flexible Support - supports multiple mail clients including Microsoft Outlook® and Lotus Notes®, with Web-based mail support to follow


    The TrustedSource™ Toolbar is a very useful tool for end users to report spam and phishing attacks and to determine the reputation of e-mails sent from unknown or suspect sources," said Michael Osterman, founder and principal of Osterman Research, Inc. "The real time nature of reputation reporting for every e-mail in an inbox gives users another source of information on which to base their decisions about the legitimacy of the e-mail they receive."



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