McAfee Labs Security Advisory: MTIS10-011

Version 1

    Executive Summary
    Since the last McAfee® Labs  Security Advisory (January 15), the following noteworthy events have taken  place:


    • This is a special "Operation Aurora" Advisory. McAfee product coverage for  vulnerabilities and malware associated with this specific attack are outlined in  full.
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer DOM Operation Memory Corruption Vulnerability
      • Exploit-Comele Trojan
      • Roarur.dr Trojan
      • Roarur.dll Trojan

    • Special Note on McAfee Web Gateway Coverage:
      • McAfee Web Gateway – TrustedSource has coverage for domains and IP addresses  that the malware contacts. Coverage for associated malware was released January  15 (as "BehavesLike.JS.Obfuscated.E"). Proactive coverage existed for some  components (as "Trojan.Crypt.XDR.Gen").