Custom UTM Appliance Program

Version 2

    A unique offering from the McAfee UTM Firewall group is the custom appliance and OEM program that has developed tens of thousands of security appliances typically for larger
    customers and partners looking to meet their unique needs.


    It’s very likely that you have already used McAfee UTM Firewall technology, probably without even knowing it. Maybe at your local coffeehouse for Internet access, at the gas station for transmitting credit card transactions, or possibly during a trip to the diagnostic imaging lab for an MRI. A place like the imaging lab would use a UTM Firewall device to ensure HIPAA regulations were followed while securely transmitting encrypted data to the analysis center.


    The services on offer are flexible and tailored to your needs. It could be just an existing appliance fully branded (logo, color schemes, web-ui text) to your specifications. You might require your appliances to contain some special piece of software to auto-register/install, process data differently or be interfaced and managed by your existing infrastructure. Perhaps you have special interface needs, such as a PCI-express slot, much more internal storage, an optical interface, many more switch ports - whatever your requirement we are happy to assist you in designing a cost-effective hardware and/or software solution in a reasonable timeframe.


    Organizations with a need for a personalized device should formally request information on the custom appliance program from the UTM Firewall team. Please see our website for details. or post a question on the forum.