1/15/18 Notice: Changes coming to the McAfee Community!

Version 6

    A New Beginning on 1-18-18

    On Thursday, January 18, 2018 we will debut a new McAfee Community, and we want visitors to be aware of some important changes coming as part of a refreshed platform and experience.


    Trusted Reliable Content

    Our new platform will require us to do some house cleaning. Fortunately, we’re bringing our most helpful resources to the new platform, including forum discussions, documents, blogs, and groups. In addition, McAfee Community members will maintain their community status and gain more opportunities to adopt community privileges the more they participate.


    Where to Find Us

    Some things don't change like our website address. There’s no need to change your bookmark settings. The McAfee Community URL will remain the same at https://community.mcafee.com.


    We're Here to Help You Navigate Through the Change

    Our goal is to help you prepare for the upcoming changes as well as navigate the new community coming January 18. Please read on for helpful information and learn how to get further assistance.


    How do I log into the new McAfee Community?

    When you visit the McAfee Community for the first time after the changes are complete, members must log in with their existing username and will be prompted to update their password. If you encounter any difficulty logging in, an email address will be available to contact. Please note, members with a domain in their username fall outside the terms of service and will be required to update their username with our assistance, of course.


    Will my accounts settings and preferences change?

    Yes. We'll give it to you straight. The good news is we are packing up your username and avatar, if one exists. What we'll want you to do is update any account preferences including:

        • Subscriptions to people, places, and other content you were following
        • Email communication and frequency


    What features can I expect in the new McAfee Community?

    McAfee Community visitors can expect many of the same tools seen today in the Community, including product forums, discussions, documents, and groups. You will see some differences in the features inside forums and groups. See the Guide to the new Community below for an overview of new features and changes.


    Will the McAfee Community be unavailable at anytime?

    To minimize disruption, the McAfee Community will remain online while we make improvements in the background beginning Monday, January 15. As a result, only new content posted through Sunday, January 14 will be moved to our new platform. We apologize for any inconvenience during this time. To remain abreast of the community's status, please ensure your inbox notifications are ON within your preferences.


    How do I get help after the change are complete?

    Start a new discussion here in Community Support so we can assist you further.


    Guide to the new Community


    What's New
    Mobile ExperienceThe new Community makes interaction by mobile devices even easier.
    Product Mentions
    This new feature will allow users to mention a McAfee product in their post.
    Labels can be applied to a forum, group, or document. Labels replace categories.
    RankingPoints will be replaced by a Ranking system in the new Community. The new ranking system will allow members to adopt new account features and privileges.
    Nomenclature Change
    ForumsDefined as Boards in the new Community.
    DocumentsDefined as Knowledge articles in the new Community.


    The following will be required or is recommended after Jan 18

    Account passwordMembers should log into the community with their existing username and will be required to update their password.

    Profile information such as biography will require an update.

    In addition, member profile URL will also change.

    FollowsPreviously known as Follow, members will be required to update their subscriptions to the people, places (including groups), and content they wish to continue following.
    Group membershipMembers will be required to request access to groups. Group URLs will change. However, the group name will remain for ease of discovery during a search.
    Email PreferencesEmail notification settings and frequency must be updated.