Web Gateway Cloud Service: Cloud Log Puller for Windows (Powershell Script)

Version 1



    If you need to pull logs out of the Web Gateway Cloud Service here is a script which can be used to do just that.


    # Collect logs from last 4 hours

    .\CloudLogPullerLatest.ps1 -CustomerID XXXXXXXXXX -User EPO_CLOUD_USER -Hours 4


    # Collect logs from last 7 days in chunks of 5 minutes (300 seconds) and Ignore Certificate Warnings

    .\CloudLogPullerLatest.ps1 -CustomerID XXXXXXXXXX -User EPO_CLOUD_USER -Days 7 -Interval 300 -IgnoreCerts



    • Interval based collection (useful for when there is a large amount of data over a certain time period)
    • Collect over last X days, hours, minutes
    • Error handling
    • Logging
    • Checks for updates to script


    Download URL: https://technicalmarketing.mcafee.com/scripts/CloudLogPullerLatest.ps1


    Screenshot of success:


    Screenshot of failure:




    The script generates a log file which can be used to understand the problem. If you have any issues start a Community thread.


    NOTE: This tool is not supported by McAfee Technical Support in any way. Do not contact them for help with problems.


    For assistance, questions, comments, improvements and problems with this program, please contact: Jon Scholten