Be yourself - Personalize your Profile, Photo, and Avatar

    To watch a video demonstration of the steps in this document, see Tutorial - How to Edit your Profile.


    Updating your profile

    When you register with the McAfee Community, only the most basic details about you are required - your first name, last name, user name, and email address. But there's a lot more that you can tell other users about yourself. To do this, you add more details to your Profile. Don't be shy - we all want to know more about who you are! You can add things like what company you work for, your areas of expertise, interests, hobbies, and more.



    To update your profile

    1. Click your name on the User Bar.
    2. Under Actions on the right, click  Edit profile.
    3. Fill in any details you want to share.

      Your  First Name, Last Name, and  Email address are required. Everything else is up to you. Try to supply plenty of information so that other members can find you.

    4. When you’re finished, click  Save


    Updating your Profile Photo and Avatar

    It's always good to put a face with a name. Now that you have provided your profile details, let’s see how to change your profile photo and Avatar. Your profile photo only shows up on your profile page. Your avatar is a smaller icon that identifies you in discussions, comments, and other community activities you perform.


    To upload a new profile photo


    1. Under Actions on the right, click Change photo & avatar
    2. To change your photo, click the picture under Profile Photo
    3. Browse to the photo you want to use, then click  Upload & Continue.

      NOTE: If your photo is wider than 500 pixels, you will be given the option to crop it. 

    4. Click Crop Photo, then drag the box to highlight the area of the picture you want to use.
    5. If you want to use a different avatar than your profile picture, click Finish. Otherwise, click Yes under Update Avatar.
    6. Drag the and resize the box to highlight the portion of your photo that you want for your Avatar.

      NOTE: Your Avatar is smaller than your profile photo, so the entire picture may not fit in the box.

    7. Click Finish.


    To upload a new Avatar


    1. Under Actions on the right, click  Change photo & avatar.
    2. Click the picture under Avatar.
    3. Click Add another avatar to upload your personal Avatar picture.

      NOTE: You can select one of the default avatars and click Save Settings.

    4. Browse to the picture you want to use, then click  Upload & Continue.
    5. Drag the box to highlight the area of the photo you want to use, then click Crop Image.
    6. Click Save Settings.