July Webcast: Getting to ENS 10.5 Successfully

Version 3




    A webinar done by Endpoint Specialist Darlene Connelly.


    15 years ago, Anti-Virus was a simple program that was installed on devices and blocked very unsophisticated viruses in the world. Today, viruses are complex, sophisticated attacks that need layers of protection to protect our customers. Many security conscious entities have also added signature based anti-malware, SSL scanning, and sandbox technologies for return content filtering.


    Traditional techniques alone have proven insufficient to address today’s enterprise class challenges. Yet, to reduce administrative burden, and cost, many organizations are now considering replacing their traditional Anti-Virus.


    Endpoint Security 10.5 addresses the diverse needs for today’s customers. With plug in modules for layered protection it is critical for our customers to migrate to the next generation of protection.


    This webinar will discuss using the Endpoint Upgrade Assistant and Policy Migration tools to enable our customers to seamlessly move to Endpoint Security 10.5 and take advantage of the new solution strategies.