Problems logging in?

Version 9

    NOTE: If you are a Home User and have lost your subscription account information, please read the FAQ How do I recover my McAfee account password?.


    Try resetting your password if you are having trouble logging in at

    You can also recover your username if you know the email address you signed up with.

    • If you are unable to reset your password, or cannot remember the email address you signed up with, you can send us an email.*
      *communities at (email link removed to prevent spam)
    • Be sure to include any relevant information, such as the exact error message you are seeing.
    • Be sure to include the full name and any potential email addresses you may have registered with. If you can't even remember, just give us your best guess.
    • The more information you give us, the better we can help you!


    (Do not send emails to the above address for resetting your consumer McAfee Subscription password. See How do I recover my McAfee account password?)

    Someone will look into your account issue and respond as soon as possible!