There is another 2012 fakeAV with a commonly known name ‘XPInternet Security 2012’ and 2011 is still not completed.

This Fake AV looks same as ‘XP Security 2012’ (check blog @ ecurity-2012 )

When it is successfully executed, it shows whole system just of pile of malicious files.


It is really scary if one who is not aware of this rogue AV look at this picture, what is the next step to do- Get rid of these viruses andhow to do it – get registered for this software.

This is not free, go to registration page which has a user reviews for same software to look genuine.



Now one more step - Buy this software and scan with it, that’sthe Catch! – Attack Successful.

User should be careful about these fake AV , should not download any fakeAV from other than genuine site. Especially when it comes to spend money, first confirm that you are buying genuine product.

Have the updated Anti-Virus and enable real time scanning. McAfee detects this as FakeAlert-Rena.* variant.


If you are infected any fakealert, download McAfee FakeAlert Stinger < > and scan the system with this, also start a discussion at McAfee Top Threat community < >.


Do not surf malicious site- Use SiteAdvisor ( ).