New malware is being created and refined all day every day. Years ago malware authors were writing their viral code to mainly to cause trouble and to gain notoriety amongst their peers, these days they're in it mostly for financial gain. So it's in their interests to keep churning out more and more malware using highly advanced techniques and sophisticated methods of attack in order to beat traditional forms of security defence. to protect our customers McAfee Labs are constantly developing new ways of detecting and removing malware but the battle never ceases.


It's unfortunate but true that no Anti-Malware vendor will be able to protect your  machine 100% of the time, so occasionally you may be unlucky enough to be infected with something McAfee don't currently have detection for, which may be why you are visiting the Community site today.


If you scan through the forums you'll see posts from customers saying 'I have this infected file on my machine which McAfee doesn't detect' but more often than not they are unsure what to do next.


There is a fantasic document put together by the team on troubleshooting an infected machine which gives lots of advice on what you can do, and what's always a good idea is that you please send us any files which you think are suspicious - and here's how. Our research team will then analyse the file(s) and respond back to you with thier findings. Additionally if the file is found to be infected then detection and removal capabilities will be included in a future DAT update release, and if applicable it will also be added to the Artemis database.


One request though - please don't attach any potentially infected files to your posts in the Community as this could pose a serious risk to other users, plus it will be removed by one of the admins and we won't analyse the file.