Tax Season is almost complete.


Here is a phishing site we ran across claiming that the user will be getting a refund of $990.55 and asks for user's personal information.

It asks for the user's social  security number, data of birth, driver's license, address, and phone  number and claims that the refund will be credited to a credit card.




Did you know that the IRS rounds all refunds to the nearest dollar and doesn't issue refunds for cents, such as $990.55?


Did you notice the the site was hosted with a domain name with a top level domain of ".de" (Germany).  The US government certainly would not host a website in a foreign country.


And as a technical nore, the real IRS website does not use PHP pages to serve content.  It uses JSP pages.


A quick search on the Internet for $990.55 and IRS Phishing results in quite a few hits, which means that this scam was probably profitable enough in previous years for the scammers to try it again this year.