Microsoft Support ended on 8 April, 2014 for XP & Office 2003 meaning no more Microsoft Windows security updates, therefore those systems are considered risky to keep using after that date.

McAfee will cease supporting the consumer products (& Enterprise too) in XP, Office 2003 as follows:


From the latest information I have been given:

For Consumers:  McAfee will block XP users from anything higher than our current 12.8 release. We will continuing supporting all currently-supported OS's until 12.8 itself EOLs (which historically is about 2 years after release - implying it would be EOL sometime around mid-2015). For newer releases (e.g. 12.9, 13.0), XP will not be supported, and existing XP users will be blocked from upgrading to, or installing 12.9 and beyond.


For Enterprise customers, please post in the appropriate forums or enquire through the Service Portal.


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