Chances are if you have an email account you will at some point have received a mail warning you about the worst virus ever that can't be detected by standard AV software and will wipe your hard drive, eat your dog and throw up all over your new carpet - and quick! you must let everyone you ever met know about it!!


One the most popular search pharses which brings people to this community site is 'black in the white house virus' which relates to a hoax you can read about here. This hoax is actually a revamped version of the olympic torch hoax, which in turn is a revamped version of the "A virtual card for you" hoax which was first doing the rounds back in 2000. Changing a few words around is a a quick job, and if the topic is news worthy people are more likely to forward the mail on.


If you do receive one of these mails the best thing to do is check our hoax list and if you find a match then just delete the mail and don't forward it on. If you don't find a match and are concerned at all please post up a copy of the mail into a thread here and we can check it for you. If the mail contains an attachment please don't attach it to your post just in case it does contain malware.