Since our launch of the new community site back in November 2009 we've seen a huge jump in number of participants. so I thought it would be fitting to welcome all of our new members , and also send a big thank you to everyone who has been involved in the community so far. It wonderful to see our members helping each other out, and I'd especially like to call out the great work being done by our volunteer moderators - the McAfee Maniacs, who send a lot of their spare time on our forums helping people out, sharing their knowledge, and interfacing with McAfee behind the scenes to ensure the site is working well for everyone.


Additionally we've had a host of people from McAfee Labs join the community (which was, I am sad to say, pretty much unheard of prior to the launch of the new site), and recently we've been able to set up new areas for discussion and collaboration. 


So what's next? We're constantly looking at new ways of improving the site, and will be adding new bloggers and video content in the coming months. We also welcome your ideas and feedback so please do go ahead and leave your comments on this blog post. 


Again, thank YOU all for helping this community flourish.