• True Key and Firefox 57.01 "Quantum" Problem

    Hi, there   I 'd like to share my issue with you. I Have a problem with Facebook Login page. True key Extension Doesn't Re-Act with it. It doesn't fill-in E-mail Or password credentials and the star sign does n...
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  • Windows 10 Fingerprint reader

    I have installed Trueky as it advertises fingerprint reader support for Windows 10 and Windows Hello support.   Fingerprint reader is not enabled as a 2FA method   When I see that Windows Hello is only val...
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  • Adding pictures to entries

    6 votes
    Hello,   I would like to see a feature added to True Key that allows its user to set a picture for a certain domain. At the moment I observe that most of my entries a from websites that True Key does not have pi...
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  • how to export safe notes in truekey

    Hi. I exported my data from app settings and in the resulting csv the safe notes are not present. Is it not yet implemented? when is the extimated time for this implementation? in the safe notes i have critical data, ...
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  • Adding files to entries

    0 votes
    Would be very useful to be possible to add files (for example a certificate) to a safety note.
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  • Folders

    5 votes
    I have over 100 web logins. I would really like to be able to organize my logins in a similar way as bookmarks, which is by creating folders to organize them. I'm very surprised that this feature doesn't exist already...
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  • Single login for multiple sites

    Is there a way to link a single login (username/password) to multiple sites? I have some sites that share logins (Amazon local sites an example) and if I change the password in one of them, it affects the others. ...
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  • True Key on iOS 11 (iPhone + iPad) - Safari + Chrome

    Hi,   I use True Key on my iPhone and iPad (iOS 11.1).   Since about 1-2 month, i'm not able to use the True Key extension in Chrome and Safari anymore.   When I click the true key extension in Safar...
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  • Quickly navigate multiple logins?

    Hi, I am a consultant for a popular online presence and have hundreds of logins to this particular site   When I pull up the login page, I have a True Key list of hundreds of logins, which is nice, but is there ...
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  • True Key uses Internet Explorer

    I found an issue that was previously discussed and closed marked assumed resolved.   When I use TK to log into sites it always opens Internet Explorer and not the default browser.   Spec: Windows 10, New L...
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  • True Key don't work in Safari 10

    True Key is still not working with Safari on Mac... Will there be an update soon?!
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  • True key offer expired

    Hello, I have bought anp payed a 3 years subscription for True key at Bleeping Computer Deals. Following the link to true key ist says, that the offer is expired. Bleeping refuses a refound because they payed the vend...
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  • True Key auto-login and Firefox 57 (Android)

    Hello, I have True Key installed on my Galaxy S8 (Android 7.0). I have noticed that auto-login works with virtually every app and browser, except Firefox 57: Opening websites from the True Key app launches Firefox, ...
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  • Two different Logins for the same domain

    I am using a Homepage online tool and have also a webmail there. Both have different Login data. But I cannot save them separately in true key. I tried it also with "use with subdomain" only. But still was not able to...
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  • True Key 2 Accounts

    Can I use my true key account on 2 computers with different email addresses and master passworrds.
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  • Partner cannot get True Key Premium.

    I am the named account holder on BT and through them we get True Key Premium. Mine has set up fine, but my partner's will not accept the activation key to change from Freemium to Premium. Any ideas ? And why does T...
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  • Browser Extension Shows No Passwords But Desktop App Does

    First, I'm a fan of the Desktop App and prefer it to the browser extension. I'm not looking forward to the Desktop App being Phased out, especially with the current issue I'm experiencing below.   When using the...
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  • Can't Scroll "Choose profile" List

    If you have more than 5 profiles that match a particular domain, the "Profile" list can't be scrolled to access to access the other profiles. I am only able to choose the first 5 profiles at appear in the list. The if...
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  • Why can't I print while I'm using True Key?

    I cannot print emails or web pages (such as receipts). There is also a print option in True Key but that doesn't work either. I have to download everything, open it, then print it.
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  • Can't Download/Install Truekey from Firefox 57.0

    A few days ago, Firefox was updated to 57.0 after update, i can't download or install True Key form FF 57.0 (on true key website)   Just click download button then show up error popup like 'connection failure' P...
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