I'm trying to add a face and it says "just a second - We are detecting and activating your camera. Sit tight." I'm waiting an hour, I restarted the computer, and again waiting... How do I be able to add a face???
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  • Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client

    The Lenovo Password Manager was able to pick up on the AnyConnect Mobility Client request for password. TrueKey does not recognize the popup and does not offer to manage the security.   Is there a work around?
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  • What is going wrong at True Key?

    First I wanted to know how to get in to password sites without having to log-in and then verify account by email every time - what a waste of time.   The help message centre gives the answer:   "Bummer. It...
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  • Master password not working "Something went wrong"! What is it?

    Hi,   My master password (facial recognition somehow isn't working anymore on my macbook but does work on my iPhone) is not working on my laptop since update of Truekey yesterday. Everything is working on my boy...
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  • Can't Scroll "Choose profile" List

    If you have more than 5 profiles that match a particular domain, the "Profile" list can't be scrolled to access to access the other profiles. I am only able to choose the first 5 profiles at appear in the list. The if...
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  • sort order in true key on " login title"

    When you sort alphabetical in true key it is only possible to sort on the kolom :"website url" . Is it possible to sort on kolom: "login title"?   kind regards,   marco
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  • firefox not working as default browser in true key

    In windows 10 i have firefox as default browser, but true key always starts internet explorer 11. when i uninstall IE 11 nothing happens, when i set chrome as default browser chrome starts as default browser from tru...
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  • 2FA

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    If you have a logon that uses 2FA, in my example an account password where you have to append a verification code, to the password, I would not want TrueKey to update the password.   Therefore would be good to h...
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  • Very unhappy with Truekey

    I have to say, having been forced off Lenovo Password Manager which worked flawlessly, the TrueKey product is nothing short of horrific. It does not understand sites properly and confuses websites under the same doma...
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  • Strange button labels in TrueKey

    Occasionally when I have to sign in to TrueKey I get funny labels on all of the buttons (like "welcome.login.title" and "placeholders.email").  See attached screenshot. On a MacBook Pro, running OSX 10.13.
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  • Expired app certificate

    Hello, I wish to migrate my passwords from LastPass to TrueKey. I was instructed to download an app and use that. However the app has an expired certificate. Any chance you could sign the app again? I contacted your...
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  • Where is the promised ability to download PasswordBox data?

    In 2015 it was announced that TrueKey would replace PasswordBox in 2016 and that my lifetime subscription would be converted to a monthly fee. At that time we were told that we would also be given an opportunity to d...
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  • I never saw anything about Password Box info deletion!!!!

    This is just another capitalist ploy!!!  I have been using Password Box since in inception and I have loved it!  Every single password I have ever used was stored there.  I have never received anything ...
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  • Automatic sign out time

    Can additional options - or the ability to select any period - be incorporated for the "automatic sign out time" going from 2 hours to 1 day is not very suitable Need the ability to have say 4 or 5 hours - or bette...
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  • Truekey Bug - Multiple Logins For The Same Website

    Hi,   I believe I have encountered a bug in Truekey. Steps to recreate:   1- Login to Truekey 2- Navigate to a website (I used an Online Banking website to test this). 3- Login using userid & passwo...
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  • wanna buy sub but theres no such country

    не могу сделать подпиську, на скриншоте Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic  и РУ999БЛЯ
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  • Can´t find my info anywhere !

    So , it means that I LOST ALL of my information stored on Password Box ??
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  • Yubikey Support for True Key

    1 vote
    I'd like a physical authentication factor to secure against potential hack / data breach - YubiKey is a very popular physical choice. Could authentication be added please?   Ben
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  • Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit) - Truekey auto populate hit and miss

    I continue to have issues with Truekey Firefox Add-on. It has become very hit and miss with filling in login information. About 30% of the time it will auto-populate if I go to a site. If on the other hand I launch th...
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  • How can a security company distribute software with an expired certificate???

    TrueKey can't be installed on my Mac because it has an expired certificate!   Dropbox - McAfee certificate is expired.png
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