• What to do with re-occuring x86 after QuickClean ?

    I don't know about you..but I keep an eye-out for "left-over" files (ones NotRemoved) after using QuickClean. Usually, my cadre of Left-over's are .dll's and .dll.mui's. I delete (from C Drive) the mui's. Recently....
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  • Quickclean does not progress

    I have tried running Quickclean on my PC and it sits at this spot for ages. What is wrong?  
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  • While using LiveSafe's Shredder to delete Temporary Internet Files, the program suddenly closed halfway through.

    While using LiveSafe's Shredder to delete Temporary Internet Files, the program suddenly closed halfway through - without notifying me of whether it had shredded all the files, to boot. Which, when I started it back u...
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  • Google Chrome Browser is not listed in Quickclean results

    Would like to know if cleaning of Google Chrome Browser can be enabled.  Right now it only cleans Internet Explorer, and Firefox browsers. The version of Quickclean and Shredder that is currently installed on my ...
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  • Quick Clean Help

    When ever i Start Quick Clean, it stays on "Looking in Other System Files". for i think it was about 2 hours. It just stayed on that screen. Is this normal? Last time i checked, it did a whole bunch of other things af...
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  • Why my quicklean does not work?

    I tried to clean my PC using Quickclean but it does not work correctly. It spends hours to look for files without any result.
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  • clean Chrome

    We have our QuickClean configured to clean both Chrome and Internet Explorer. It NEVER cleans anything off of Chrome even though it DOES clean Internet Explorer. We end up cleaning Chrome by going back and clearing th...
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  • Quick Clean finds 400 registry errors

      After the update, I ran quickclean and it showed over 400 broken registry keys where ccleaner only found a handfull. I didn't allow quickclean to remove anything. Not ready to format my hdd or find programs no...
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  • Mcafee Total Protection arbitrarily deleting emails!!

    So... sometime after June 2011, I noticed that the UI for McAfee Total Protection had changed. No huge problem I thought? Just a cosmetic change to the interface? The features have remained the same? Well... It turns...
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  • Will Shredder work with Windows BitLocker Volumes?

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, and I've protected a lettered volume (partition) with Microsoft BitLocker.  (Note this is not the same as BitLocker for an individual folder. Rather, an entire lettered volume is e...
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  • Please Help, I've Shreded all files. don't ignore

    Hello everyone , i am in a big trouble i made a partition shred by mcafee and after that when i enter the partition i see pop up format , i didn't know that i will lost all my data , i did it by mistake . i need some...
    Adel Hardy
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  • Shredder randomly deleting music files

    Yesterday I used Shredder to delete my recycle bin and somehow it started shredding all of my music files. The files were stored on a network drive and had nothing to do wtih the recycle bin. However, I noticed that t...
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  • Quick Clean Schedule not followed

    I have Quick Clean scheduled daily at 18:00 It seems to run at other times randomly and I can't work out why. Perhaps there's a hidden schedule also. e.g. a fixed time after last reboot.   It happens on 2 PCs...
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  • How do I get my quick clean to unhide? I never set it to hide. I turned my computer on the other day and it was hidden. Please help. Thank you.

    How do I get my quick clean to unhide? I never set it to hide. I turned my computer on the other day and it was hidden. Please help. Thank you.
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  • Quick Clean issue.....won't delete all temporary files

    I have been searching the website for tech support and can't get through to chat line techs or find an e-mail   I use Quick Clean often but all of a sudden, it is not deleting all of the temporary files....
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  • Can't clean memory card with shredder!

    Does anyone else have this problem?  I just tried to delete  photos from my memory card that I use in my camera and discovered that I can no longer "delete" them; I have to "shred" them.  Well the damne...
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  • HI,

    i had McAfee virus scan enterprise 2008 license in my machine , i am not able to uninstall this,can you please advise as i have 2012 McAfee version to upgrade
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  • improc handler

    This seems to be stuck in the can't clean mode 47 entries! I was running SPYBOT at the same time?????.
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  • My Quick clean doesn't work

    All the other features seem to work on the Navigation but this. I click onit and nothing happens. It still looks like a link, it's still Blue and everthing just doesn't do anything.    THANKS
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  • Active X control came up this morning in a scan

    Anyone know if this is a keeper or a loser? It won't delete!
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