Microsoft are offering a free download of the "Windows 7 Power Users Guide", written by Mike Halsey (a Microsoft MVP). The offer has been running since May 10th, and I assume it is for a limited period, so if you want it - and it's free, why not? - go get it now.

The WIndows 7 Power Users Guide, by Microsoft MVP Mike Halsey, shows you to how to get the very best out of Windows 7. It’s suitable for users of every ability, from complete novices to tech pros, and includes step-by-step guides, illustrations and diagrams on every page and quick tips throughout.


I saw the offer on a UK Technet page, so this may not have been advertised on Microsoft sites elsewhere. The actual download URL is a address, so probably best to go to the page and find the relevant link there. ower-users-guide-ebook-free.aspx


I'm sure Mike Halsey will be gratified if his book gets a zillion downloads, but I hope he gets some reward from Microsoft - apart from the fame and the kudos - for his generosity in foregoing the royalties ...