It's only a 'Community' if you join it.  The launch of the McAfee Community Forum is a big deal for us, not because it gives me the chance to talk to you about all the things we're proud of (winning the 2009 STAR award for Excellence in Consumer Service), but moreso because it lets me hear directly from you...the guy or gal that pays my salary by buying McAfee products.


Hello!  I'm Tracy Romine, the Global Consumer Support Product Manager here at McAfee.  That means I've got the ear of our top executives, and can drive changes to the way we run Support.  Occasionally I will post blogs like this one, containing information that might be useful or entertaining to you.  But in most if not all cases, you'll see that I'm also asking for your feedback on something.  This is not a corporate Public Relations tool.  Its a genuine attempt to gauge how we're doing as a Support organization (or for those of you in Europe, 'organisation').  If you go to and have a fantastic experience, I want to hear about it.  Conversely, if you come to Support and feel like we've let you down, I want to hear about that, too.  Speak freely.


Do you prefer speaking with someone on the phone, or do you like the IM option of chat?  Can you find answers to your Tech problems in our Knowledge Base?  I wish there was a button on the Support page that would do __________ with one click.


Drop me a line.  Reply to this blog.  Your collective voices will be at the forefront of decisions made by McAfee, driving any needed improvements to our Support operations.  We'd rather you never had to contact us with a product problem, but if we're going to spend time together, I want to make sure its time well-spent.


Blog #1 is a wrap.  Now it's your turn.  I'm listening...