Due to a recent update with Firefox browser, McAfee consumers who had any of the following products McAfee Anti-Virus Plus McAfee Internet Security,  McAfee Total Protection, Site Advisor or SiteAdvisorLive, may have noticed a prompt from Firefox to disable McAfee ScriptScanner. McAfee Scriptscanner is a component available in all the above listed products.


McAfee ScriptScan protects users from any malicious scripts hosted by various websites. The issue as noted in the prompt is not a security related issue or a gap with McAfee SecurityScan, but due to an incompatibility with the latest Firefox update. McAfee has rolled out the fix. The update will require users to reboot to apply the fix.


If users did not disable McAfee ScriptScanner when prompted by Firefox, then they do not need to take any further action. However, if user had acted on the Firefox notification and disabled McAfee ScriptScanner, we recommend turning it back on by following steps: : Launch Firefox > Go to Tools > Go to Add-ons > Go to Extensions and ensure McAfee ScriptScan for Firefox 14.4.1 is ‘Enabled’; if it is not then click ‘Enable’.


Stay Safe!