In the world of Technical Support our conversations with you, our customer, are usually negative in nature.  In this, I mean they usually start because of a problem you were experiencing, and we do whatever we can to make things right.  This time, the news is good from the outset.  Based upon feedback we received from you, via our Product Ideas space on the Community Forum, the decision was made to bring Free Technical Support to all our customers, worldwide.  The 'Free Consumer Support' idea, first proposed in April of 2011, collected the highest number of favorable votes, and many thoughtful comments.  With this positive guidance from you, we took the steps necessary to accomplish the goal.


As of Friday, September 16, 2011, McAfee Consumer Support by Telephone (enhanced with Remote Access technology when needed), had it's price point brought to $0.00, £0.00, €0.00, etc.  You call.  We provide answers.  And if deeper troubleshooting is needed, we will  provide you instructions allowing us to initiate a remote connection to your computer, by which our agents can do some virtual hands-on work, while you watch.


Now, when you go to the McAfee Consumer Technical Support page in the United States and throughout Europe, you will find a full list of our contact numbers. (Or the McAfee Consumer Customer Service Support page for account questions.)  Other regions were already free.  It's very possible that your product issue might be something you can easily address by running McAfee Virtual Technician, first.  And our Knowledge Base of technical articles, combined with the Community Forum are also great repositories of information.  But when you need to speak with a McAfee product expert, this option also falls into the FREE category now, too.


We mean it when we say that we are fully committed to fixing any McAfee issues you're experiencing.  Hopefully, this move will show you just how serious we are.  I'd be lying if I said we were 'looking forward to hearing from you'.  In reality, we hope you will never need to call Support.  But if you do, we'll be here.  No need to grab your wallet or purse.


Have you already called Support?  I'd like to hear how we're doing.  Feel free to send me a private message, or post a comment on the Service & Support Forum page.


Tracy Romine

McAfee Consumer Support, Product Manager