Hello Everyone


Wanted to drop you all a note and introduce myself, I am the new Product Manager for MVM having taken over at the start of April from my good friend Brian Robison, whom many of you knew and worked with for a long time. I am very much looking forward to continuing Brian's great work with MVM and have some very exciting releases of the product planned.


I have been with McAfee just over two years and was formerly the Enterprise Solution Architect Lead for McAfee's Risk and Compliance products (including MVM) in EMEA. I currently live in the UK but am in the process of transferring to the USA, in fact have spent the past couple of weeks in California trying to find a house - which fingers crossed I have now done. All going to plan I will be in California from July this year.


As many of you know we have just released MVM 7.5 (formal announcement being posted here after I have finished this blog post) - which is packed full of exciting additions including vastly improved performance, brand new look and feel, support for ipv6 scanning, improvements to our web app assessment capability, new dashboards and a whole bunch of other features which I am sure you are going to love. Would highly recommend you update to this release as soon as possible - would love to hear your feedback.


More news on here to follow - watch out for webinar announcements where we can show you these new features, videos being posted (I know a lot of you have been missing those brown bag sessions) and more information just as soon as I can share it on what we have planned for the rest of this year - I cannot wait to let you know what we have in store.


MVM has evolved in most part due to our customers and I intend that tradition to continue - we look to you to help drive us and make sure we meet (and exceed!) your expectations! To that end I have set up an ideas forum for MVM - please do post your ideas there for what you think MVM should look like in the future. Please use that forum as an idea exchange - for formal product enhancement requests please continue to use the PER form on the support site and the Communities page. Think of the ideas forum as a gigantic virtual whiteboard to kick around ideas with your peers in the industry and us here at McAfee.


Well that's it for my first blog post, am at LAX and flight back to London is boarding shortly.


I look forward to working with you all. You can always reach me directly via email- darren_thomas@mcafee.com


Kind Regards