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First up is Ulli Tanurhan!



Ulli Tanurhan

What is your area of responsibility?

My team and I manage ePolicy Orchestrator, McAfee’s Management Platform.





What are you passionate about? (What drives you?)

How can we improve our life, simplify our tasks while the world that we operate in is increasingly complex. Technology connects us and is crucial in all aspects of our lives. The security needed to allow us use technology safely is expanding in reaction to the exploding threats. We strive to stay on top, reduce the complexity without losing the depth that is needed to investigate and understand. We strive to provide visibility and manageability across the organization.





What is a fun fact about you?

I like to travel and see the world – I like to hear travel stories and experiences describing the world – I like to understand the differences and similarities of all people. Sometimes this can be found just outside the office or home.