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The Olympics are just around the corner (August 5th - August 21st) and with that comes extra streaming! The Content and Categorization Team has been working on coverage for the past couple weeks to prepare for the event. I'll highlight some of the categories being used for Olympic related sites as well as some ideas you can use in your MWG to handle the traffic.


Related Categories

There are a number of categories that the team has been using to categorize the streaming sites related to the Olympics:

  • Streaming Media - Web pages that provide streaming media, or contain software plug-ins for displaying audio and visual data before the entire file has been transmitted.
  • Internet/Radio/TV - Web pages that provide software or access to continuous audio or video broadcasting, such as Internet radio, TV programming, or podcasting.
  • Potential Illegal Software - Web pages, which McAfee believes offer information to potentially 'pirated' or illegally distribute software or electronic media, such as copyrighted music or film, distribution of illegal license key generators, software cracks, and serial numbers.


Throughout the Olympics coverage will be added as sites pop up close to or during the event. Streaming Media and Internet/Radio/TV will be used to categorize sites that properly licence the content. Potential Illegal Software will be used to categorize sites which could potentially be hosting the streams illegally (i.e. "Watch for FREE" sites).


If you find a site which is not currently categorized, the quickest way is to use TrustedSource.org's URL submission process (sign up for an account to get higher priority).



Rule Examples

Depending on your organization's policies, you may want to be really restrictive, permissive, or want to play it safe. I'll detail some example rules that you can run with depending on your internal policies. I'm not going to cover the blocking the categories because that's something built into the policy already and can be done by checking some boxes.


Auto-Expire Coaching (on Aug 21)

Let's say you want to Coach or Quota users when they visit Streaming Media or Internet/Radio/TV, and you want that to expire on August 21st (when the Olympics end. This assumes Streaming Media is not blocked in your current policy. First, import the Coaching ruleset from the Ruleset Library, then we'll unlock and add a rule inside the top-level Coaching ruleset. The rule will be setup as follows:

      • Name: Apply ruleset from Aug 5th to Aug 21st 2016
      • Criteria: DateTime.ToNumber less than 1470355200 OR DateTime.ToNumber greater than 1471823999
      • Action: Stop Rule Set



Bandwidth Control for Categories (7.6.2+ -- Direct Proxy)

In 7.6.2, classful bandwidth control was added which allows MWG to prioritize traffic. This allow you to define a maximum bandwidth that certain types of traffic can consume (let's say... URL.Categories equals Streaming Media or Internet/Radio/TV). For more information on implementing Bandwidth Control check out the recently published guide: Web Gateway: Understanding and Configuring Bandwidth Control



Discussion Thread

If you have any thoughts, alternate ideas, cool rulesets, I've started a discussion thread in the MWG Community: Discussion: Web Protection and The 2016 Olympics



Content and Categorization Team Projects

Throughout the year the Content and Categorization team is working on proactive projects that are important to customers. They are working on providing accurate coverage for major events that matter to you.


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