As we are obviously part of Intel and our appliances are Intel based, the obvious question is: what are the synergies between McAfee Web Gateway and Intel's technology?


The one most important one is clearly the leverage of Intel's hardware for our appliances. Without that there would obviously not be any leverage of Intel's silicon.

An interesting component is described in this white-paper: Secure the Enterprise with Intel AES-NI: White

Over the year, we have been asked why we are not using any hardware acceleration for SSL Scanning as some competitors were doing this as otherwise the performance will degrade dramatically when just doing SSL scanning.


Bringing the tech described in the white-paper and Web Gateway together, explains why we don't need acceleration cards - we use the Intel AES-NI.

This technology speeds up the calculation and handling of AES operations and based on that explains why McAfee Web Gateway doesn't need any acceleration components.