I have seen posts on this forum that will include a feedback, a backup, a full policy and the like.

While this clearly helps to solve the issue and enables a larger crowd to understand your issue - think about what you are doing!


The feedback is a snapshot of your entire McAfee Web Gateway including all aspect depending of what level your have chosen (If done via UI, this will be the full scope and all info of your installation incl. license, etc.).

Based on the above sentence, I strongly encourage you - if not begging you: DON'T POST THIS INFORMATION HERE!

You wouldn't post your credit card info to a public forum, wouldn't you? Think about the feedback as the same!!! Only send this to trusted McAfee employees, when asked for it or to support proactively when opening a case via the support portal. Don't give that info to aynbody else!!!

The biggest implication for your is that you are opening up your internal secrects to the public and are creating a data loss incident for your company.

On the contractual side, you are opening a licensing compliance issue, as the EULA states:

2) License Grant.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, McAfee hereby grants to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Software (for the purpose of this Agreement, use of the Software means to access, install, download, copy or otherwise benefit from using the Software) listed in the Grant Letter solely for your own internal business operations. You acknowledge that the Software and all related information are proprietary to McAfee and its suppliers. You are not granted rights to Updates and Upgrades unless you have purchased Support or a service subscription.

With posting the license to the public (as part of the backup of feedback), you are actually transferring the license. The least that can happen is a termination of the license and the creation of a new one. I will not avenge this incident with any legal action, but can't predict what happens in case somebody else reads this.


As simple rule:


DONT'T post any such infromation here - a single rule is fine, but already think about SSL Scanning rules, Encryption rules etc. as they will include certificates and passwords.


Trusted McAfee Employees can be identified by the SME tag in their profile - make sure to check that before sending anything to sombody via PM or only send to @mcafee.com adresses.