Since the year is going to end in a couple of days and many of us may be on vacation in the upcoming days I wanted to take the chance to drop some lines.


I basically just want to spread a big thank you to everyone who is participating the community. I like this place and I heard from many people during the year that they like the community as well and respect it as a good place for exchanging opinions, ask questions, discuss problems, see what other people do, report problems, solve problems or just use it as an addition to the documentation to learn more about what can be done with MWG.


I am happy that so many people contribute and I hope that we can get even more customers, partners and McAfee employees to join our discussions to make it a good platform to exchange knowledge apart from escalations, official workflows or SLAs. I enjoyed working with some of you end even more I enjoyed meeting some of you guys in person (even if the number is far too low :-)).


Also in 2013 I will try to contribute as much as time permits and I hope so will many of you do.


So I am looking for far more discussions in 2013. I hope you have a good and relaxing end of 2012, merry christmas, a happy new year and whatever else you wish :-)


Thank you and talk to you next year.